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Since NWE system relies so heavily on the database there should be a button to easily backup all tables before you make changes.

The backup should just copy all tables and probably put a prefix to the appended name.

To be fancy there can be a show as to when the last backup was made.

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I wouldn't suggest a database backup option in the core system. It's easy enough to take a site backup from the server there is really no need for this. If you want a full site backup from the admin panel... Ok I could see the logic (although I still wouldn't suggest it due to there only being one admin level), but just the database when (in theory) modules shouldn't effect other tables seems a waste.

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Actually there isn't only one admin level. You could have as many levels as you wish and the engine offers already 2. Anyhow, the issue is that the kind of file generated may be quiet big, and therefore require quiet some time to produce a full backup. Execution time and shared hosting are not really liking such kind of execution.

Beside that, any shared host usually offer a MySQL backup tool, and even phpmyadmin could do the trick. Yet the best option would be a cron which do a mysqlexport and gzip it ;)

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