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D-A-N-E Please review.


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Hello MWG community. The time has come for my game to go live. Many of you have seen me posting in the forums here for some time now and I finally have a product that I am proud. That being said I hope you will take the time to look around and give me a brutally honest critique about the game. If you find anything, no matter how big or small, wrong ... please let me know. Like everyone here ... I would like for the gaming experience to be enjoyable for everyone that signs up. Right then ... without further ado ... here's the standard blurb about my game.

Though many feel that vampires, lycans, demons, and angels are passe ... it's a standard that many gamers are familiar with, including myself. It was something that I felt familiar enough with to make it work. Please note that I have not finished the help tutorial just yet, as well as having to write some helpers in the forums to aid players. On registering players do get a Welcome message that explains some things to get them started. I will say that the economy may seem unbalanced and high when you first start, however, due to the cost of various items it does balance itself out.

Some of the unique features of the game are;

1) Players have the opportunity to write trials for other players to complete. The unique aspect of this falls into place when players get to certain levels and have not completed X number of trials there will be certain parts of the game that will be locked to them until they have completed the designated trials.

2) For the most part the game works off of points awarded hourly. There is a cap to how many can be held. When a player first starts they are given a full compliment of points, 1 million dollars or 2 million if they use the promo code. They get 100 of each of the medical and cage supplies. They also get crystals as well.

3) There are no limits on who can be attacked. Players get a 5 day grace period where they cannot be attackd, though they can attack others. Each player can only be hit a maximum of 20 times per day. The NPC's are available for leveling though once a certain number have been attacked they can purchase more hits. During war there is no limitation on the number of hits to the players involved.

4) Fighting Units (gangs) cannot be eliminated by wars. The only way an FU gets deleted is if they don't meet the membership requirements within a set number of days. FU's gain notoriety by either highest level or most wars won. Wars are won when one FU has attained the required number of hits needed to win. The hits required are based on the number of players in both FU's.

5) The game staff use the names of the characters in the game. A description of the characters of the game can be found in Bios under Trial Related , which can be found by Surveying your world.

6) There are a couple of Stat training facilities available. The main one uses points and you can train all core stats there. The other training facilities are based on your player type. Each player type gets certain stats to train. This also pertains to their employment and schooling as well. Players also have the option of changing their type (through a donator item) to utilize doing the schooling, training, and employment for the new player type. Which in turn obviously has different stats trained.

Players will have to do a fair bit of exploring to find things they need to do, as well as finding the shops they need to purchase their items. It's not something that one will learn in a short period of time without doing a great deal of exploring.

Again ... I very much look forward to getting your feed back, both positive and negative. Thank you for your time. I will keep the registration open for the next 24 hours from now for your testing.

My game can be found here. http://www.d-a-n-e.com/login.php


EDIT: Registration for review is now closed ... however, can still use the demo account for the next 48 hours.

username: demo

password: demo

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and ideas. Much appreciated.

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Closed registration for review
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Landing Page

  • Very nice.
  • The graphic at the top (background) is nice; not too bright, not too dark, it flows well with the design! However, I'm unsure on the bright blue text - to me, it doesn't flow with the dark nature of the game. Also, I think you should make the register link stand out a bit. Being nearly the same colour as the background it's on... (Just my thoughts)
  • Perhaps make authentication.php flow with the design



  • An easy process
  • Make the captcha image flow into the design (possibly. Nothing essential)
  • Auto-login. I'm a fan



  • Addresses me by character name, nice!
  • Valuable information is given to me - very nice


The design

  • A nice design you have; suits the game (angles, demon kind of game)
  • The explore page has a 'different approach'
  • The donator image on viewuser is a little big, in my view.
  • Possibly make the percentage labels on stamina, endurance, health and experience a little smaller. (http://imm.io/13gvt)


Nice features

These are my opinions...

  • Casting. A lot of things to cast


    • You need items to mine (perhaps link them to the shop with the mining items?)
    • A button, as well as the image is needed (took me a while to figure out you need to press the image to start mining)




  • I can travel to the same location I am in, and it still deducts money from me



  • Image BBCode is checked; nice!
  • There seems to be some sort of CSRF/Request forgery token; nice!


It's a short review, I know; however, overall, you have a nice game!

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