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Samurai Conflict (Under Construction - Coming soon!)


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Hi there MakeWebGames,

Long ago (Many years...) I used to be addicted to online text based games, During this time i would always wonder how one such as myself could create and own a game like that.

After a lot of looking around and reading from various forums and websites, I found out that if you want to create your own game it's probably best if you learn how to "Code".

From what i read i needed to atleast learn PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL - So i did... I Spent a good few years learning, I made countless friends and business associates along the way, It seems the world of programming has a very friendly community (For the most part!).

Anyway enough rambling, Let's skip to the present day.

I have decided to create an online text based MMORPG that will be completely free to play and can be accessed on multiple devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile) without problem (That is my main goal anyway -_-)

This game will be called "Samurai Conflict" and it is based in "Feudal Japan".

The aim of the game is simple, You must use strategy and patience to rise to the top and become one of the most feared Samurai.

This can be done by going alone making countless enemies (or allies) and creating your own clan, Your probably thinking what is different about this game to every other game?

Well one of the main differences is it will actually be a lot more community based, Well atleast i'm hoping anyway...

The community will be encouraged to have their say and input, On many aspects of the game.

We will listen to what the community has to say as this is a game built for "Players" not for "Money", You may have heard that before, However i am making this because i know what it's like to be a player, And i know from my experience playing online text based games, That if it has a good community and an administration/staff that will communicate and interact with the players in a friendly and fun manner, The game becomes a lot more addictive and enjoyable for all.

Other Information

This game will be created using the McCodes V1 Engine. Why? It helped me learn back in the day.

There is currently no "Official" release date, However us over at Samurai Conflict are working very hard to get the game released for BETA around "Late June - Early July"

Feel free to like "Samurai Conflict" on Facebook to stay updated on the latest news and events regarding the progress of the game. Click here to visit the Samurai Conflict Facebook page.

Hmmm not sure what else i can write at the moment, I'm not the greatest at this kind of thing however atleast i try... xD

Feel free to ask any questions or have your say, I'm always happy to listen and answer any questions you may have. :)

Thank you for reading, And i hope you all have a great day!

Special Thanks:

I would like to take a moment to thank some people who have helped or are currently helping with this project.

McCodes: I have to issue a thanks to McCodes, As without them i probably wouldn't be creating this project right now, So thank you.

Magictallguy: Thank you for your support and programming knowledge, I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me. (Past and Present)

Djkanna: No reason -_-

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Sounds intresting. If you need help with the coding i have experience with it and i can give you some of the v1 paied mods for free. Pm me if you want some

Thank you for the offer, But no thanks.

Most of the codes will be created by myself or trusted friends working on the project with me.


Sounds interesting, if you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask, and good luck with the game :)

Thank you :) - And thank you for the offer, I appreciate it.


To the OP: Good luck! :)

Thank you Guest. :)

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Just a quick update: We now have a IRC Chat room, You can find it under the channel name "#SamuraiConflict"

Feel free to join anytime, I'll be there most hours.

Just a note:

It's on ipocalypse

Server: irc.ipocalypse.net

port: 6667

For the lazy ones:

Join chat (using the link on the nav bar ) and /join #SamuraiConflict


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