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Hey guys I submitted some modules again and here is a break down:

So last weekend I submitted a couple and didnt really get a chance to speak about one of them which is for a Top Site voting script. Here is what it does

  1. Game owner adds their game to a top site
  2. Adds the link they are given into the voting sites table via the admin panel
  3. Set a reward to give the player for voting which is done using some of those awesome wizard actions
  4. Then the players go and vote for your game

    1. Sorry but there is no incentive voting option, at least not yet


[*]When the player votes they are redirected to the link you provided in step "2" and they are rewarded what you give them in step "3".


Now for a few screen shots:

Here is the main view of the content page that shows all the voting sites and the button to go an vote (I know, I know, im not visually creative):


If the player already voted on that site one time within 24 hours they receive this error message. This doesnt run off a cron but a time stamp that will automatically delete all votes that have happened more that 24 hours ago:


And success, they have voted and receive their reward for doing so:


Now on to my next module, I have been working on this one for a while and a special shout out to Alain for his patience and help with this cause there was a couple times I got stuck.

But my next one is Clan Wars and I updated my mugging module to accommodate the clan wars to allow for the taking of the stat points. There really is nothing fancy as far as visuals for it but I managed to get a couple screen shots for it cause everyone always asks for them haha.

Here is a clans home that just basically shows all your wars that you are in


Here is a clan master page that also shows your current wars but with a button to surrender if your clan is not able to hold their own in a war and this also has where you will go and declare

any wars you may want to have to spice some things up and it also has an optional field for a reason if you want to make it known why they made you mad and declared war.


And when one clan surrenders and go back into the clan master area they see this:


And this gives them the option to either accept or reject the surrender.

Well that is basically all I can think of right now so if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.







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