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Possible Cool Things To Add


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1) I have been toying with a 'Leader' or 'Hero' module. Kind of like an Avatar for your position that can move independently, have its own stats, possessions. This would be rather than move the 'single' entity that is the 'User'. Just a thought. Has anyone else considered this?

2) I have also been adding location specific actions. For example, you can only gamble at location 1 and 2, but at 3 you can explore or commit a crime, location 4 you can horse race. Is this already in there and I just don't get it? Gives a reason to move around.

3) I still would love to see something with a map of the locations. A visual (not for moving) just to see where you are. Like I could have 1 location for each of the 50 stats in America, but I could go to 'Map' and see that map of the US with those links (done externally in photoshop possible not generated).

Thank you,


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1) Not 100% what you want.

2) Currently there is no condition to display a menu entry for those features like the roulette. But that's really not hard to implement if you want as it's like 1 if. I could make it in the standard offer, yet make it smart may require a bit of thinking.

3) Like a map which let you jump from location to location? Again that should be pretty easy.

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Number 1, I see in most games. 'NPC' type characters that can work for you. Like a General or a Trainer or a Builder, that help your position. Followers they were called in D&D for example.


In all my playing with the system, I only stumble with trying to simulate some of the bigger type games. Like 'Tradewars'. I can make this system do ALOT of it. Cool. But when I try to step outside the simple I sometimes find myself frustrated as to the 'proper' way to expend the game without rewriting it. Like the main character with stats. I don't consider it ever a 'character' like the way the demo is, I consider it a position with stats. So I try to simulate 'fleets' for example. I want the player to move his fleets around the location.

Fleet 1 (Gmoore's Position):

Admiral (Sir Awesome) Level 4

Trainer (Bob) Level 2

3 Battleships

2 Destroyers

at Location 343 (Orion)

Fleet 2 (Gmoore's Position):

Admiral (Fred) Level 2

Navigator (Jimmy) Level 4

23 Cruisers

at Location 222 (Betelguese)

Like that.

Each might have its' own actions, its' own locations, its' own stuff/training etc.

(Move Fleet 2 to 223, attack Fleet 3, Alain's Broosers ... 2 Cruisers destroyed, retreated back to 222)

(Fleet 1 trains in Globe Formation adding +1 to defense, Moves to 3 [Earth], buys 2 Stealth Fighters)



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