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wsIrc to NWE


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So im thinking of trying to incorporate wsIrc into NWE but im looking for some guidance on how to do it. I have come up with 2 options:

1. "Replace" the chat module with it.

2. Make an iframe on its own page.

So for item 1 above would there be an issue on every page refresh logging you in/out of the rooms? If so is there away around that?

And for item 2 is there an issue with the security token if it opened up in a new window? If so, what are some options around that without disabling the secrity token?

I read a while back and I think it was gmoore who was asking about the chat being modded to incorporate clan chats so I figure this would be the easiest way of doing it besides the potential cons of the way I was thinking of doing it so any help/ideas would be appreciated.

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The current chat actually works on a separated iframe if you check correctly. You may actually use more or less the same feature. Yet with IRC you will have an hard time to prevent people to change their nickname and make as they would be the admin or other known players. Same for rights to join a channel... You would need to handle all that by hand or somehow automatize the IRC server. Honestly, it's above what the average NWE user can handle.

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I see it as the same as any other irc channel where people can change their name to whatever they want.

If I can get some sort of documentation i.e a class of some sort to post messages to the server almost anything is possible to stop certain things like channel privacy, if this is even at all possible.

I did see on wsirc.com there is some sample documentation that I may surely be able to use :p

Or I may just have to create a little tut on some pages

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I wouldn't make an Iframe version this would deem the person in te chat to stay on that page resulting in no other pages being viewed..

However you could just use a link that grabs user name and pass and would log then ibto your chosen WSIRC channel as I have done before...


<a href=\"http://www.wsirc.com/?username=$me[displayname]&server=binary.ipocalypse.net%3A6667&channel=%23RP&autojoin=true&color=%23C0C0C0&dark=false\" target=\"blank\">Chat</a><br/>


This was a code I used whilst creating wizwych engine...

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No that would open a new window for it.

I think we are misunderstanding eachother here.

Here is what I want to do is pretty much borrow the html/css from the original chat module that you created and gut out the stuff inside the conatainers and put the iframe inside there that way its not a new window/tab or whatever its pretty much static on the page so a user can navigate around all they want and the chat is always there.

Now with all the other stuff in mind im not gonna lie and say im an irc wizard by the slightest bit but I would like to some how come up with a lib of some sort where for example when you add in your irc name it sends a call to the server to "register your name with ipocolyspe or mibbit etc. and possible a clan can create a channel and it will "register" their channel and make them the leader and possible the game owner (me) as well.

Now for clan chat privacy that is where it gets tricky cause you can possibly pass a chatline to make the channel restricted and call all members in the clan as people who have access to the channel but then its getting new members access to it as well so im thinking thats gonna have to be done separately.

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