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Facebook integration (free for all full owners)

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- Quick register from facebook (requires just a username)

- Automatic login from facebook

- Invite people from within the game

- Game news (like level up or others) can be sent via the call of a function: FacebookFeed

To grab it, take the facebook module, and update the security module as well. Then create an app inside facebook and setup the facebook keys inside the engine admin menu.

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On facebook, you need to create an app (and before that you need to register as developer):


Once your app is created you will see App ID/API Key which needs to be copied to NWE as well as App Secret

You will need to also pass the app url which should be something like apps.facebook.com/your-game

Once you have setup all the facebook and NWE info, you can simply call the game from the apps.facebook.com/your-game url, and it will log you in automatically.

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