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football manger game help


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ok guys and girls had some 1 offer to make the game ( skooda ) and ( Razor42 )

i have talked to both and both say they can do what i ask for

both want payment up from as a gift

have you have work or know of work they have done , as i am new to the site and sending money as a gift means i cant get it back if they run off with the cash or cant do what i need


thanks for your help


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I would highly suggest not to work with either one of them. I know skooda from the past and he is just a scammer. I have dealt with way too many people coming to me and complaining about them being scammed. Razor42, I been told by a couple of people who say they have hired him and he can do the work, but then never follows through.

Like Dave said, never send money as a gift. NEVER.

Second, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. I am sorry, 300$ or so, for a manager game is not likely. Even if we leave the graphical part alone, which can run up to thousands of dollars if you are going professional, it still will cost you a good amount of money (talking 1,000's).

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As much as people on this board say we need to prove everything we say. That is not 100% true. I do not see the necessary of putting in the time and effort and providing screenshots, names (which I doubt they would like to be shown), etc. I am just giving my two cents. They don't have to follow it if they don't want to, but it's a warning. Dave, on the other hand, has provided multiple links regarding you two.

Evidence is needed if I truly want to make a point and have as much credibility as possible. I gave the kid a warning, based on my history, and it's up to him/her decide.

The fact that there are multiple people saying stuff about you two, that would give him a little hint. You can even come out against me and warn against me, don't need proof, but then again. If someone does hire me and sees you are lying, your credibility declines. Same thing with happen with me. You don't always need to show proof for your opinion to not matter.

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Sorry to bring this up guys but just don't wanna be scammed as asked can a see a small demo of a football game made but wanted cash up front ,

I know it take time to do and that but I make jewellery and we spend days making a silver rep up of a ring that some 1 draws to see if they like it befor they order the real 1 for free

But thanks again for all the info guys and please don't fight over it just wanted some info of past work

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When I said cheap, I ment I'll do him a game for free. Just to prove to everyone round here.

You're going to build an entire game for free? Bespoke?

That's a good few thousand dollars of work you're doing for a decent outcome.

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It start as a football game now he wants to make a mafia game ???

I don't mind paying as don't want stuff for free

The email off razor

How about we do this, I'll take LL's scripts, Re-code it, add features and things and make it an excellent game. You spend some money on a design, buy a domain and hosting and some work? Will cost around $300-400 all together. In less than 2 months we'll have game ready to be played and make money. We split ownership and profit rights 50/50?

I think I just forget the idea of having a site made for now lol as more problems than I wanted

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