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i have tryed to make a contribution to the nw-engine comunity .

its not mutch as i am still learning php


1 : open up content.php from the logout module

2 : find

header("Location: index.php");

3: replace with

$Day = array(
   'Mon' => 'Monday',
   'Tue' => 'Tuesday',
   'Wed' => 'Wednesday',
   'Thu' => 'Thursday',
   'Fri' => 'Friday',
   'Sat' => 'Saturday',
   'Sun' => 'Sunday'
$Day = $Day[date('D')];

echo '
<center><p><font color="#ffffff">
   Thank you for playing we wish you A Nice '.$Day.'    
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="4; url=index.php">


4 : change the font color in whatever color you need

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