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Domain Values

Ben Nash

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First, you need to find the right person to buy the domains off you - they will truly know how much they're worth; not a professional view, but a personal view. If they want the domain, they'll pay as much as they can, if you catch my drift.

Second, domain valuation is done -somewhat- on search engine positioning, and hits per month. How frequent do users type in "psdconversion" into Google, and they see your result. (You analyse that data here) And how much of that traffic do you attract.

What I'm saying here is; people are interested in numbers.


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Your Domain value is

coarsefishinguk.com---upto $329

psdconversion.co.uk---$16 to $64

I had appraise your domain from this site Thewebpole.com at free of cost.

Those domain evaluations suck.... which ever one you go to i'm pretty sure it's random

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