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Testers needed.


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Demo Account:

-Username: MakeWebGames

-Password: MWGUser

Why do you take 5 seconds to redirect me back to the login page after register, rather than redirecting me into the game? :)

Looks pretty cool, I like the colour scheme.

You have already searched downtown as much as you can today.

Probably shouldn't see this on a new account.

You do not have enough money to buy a Katana

Message after successfully buying a Katana.

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Spelling error >> Vote To Recieve Points << should be >> Vote To Receive Points

when sending money to someone

Warning: Division by zero in /home/mafia/public_html/classes.php on line 1082

You have successfully transferred $1 to .

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thanks guys, sorry I didn't post sooner been in bed with the flu for past days. :)

@grant it's just a test site.. I don't care if it gets messed up :)

also grant i don't think you can be admin. My checks for admin are different (IE id = 1, name = zettiee, username = my username.... and so on...

PS: ironman stop pming people offering to tell them bugs. if they want to know they can come and look here.

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added PS
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This was an old project of mine that we have decided to revive. It was partially successful. I say partially because it made decent money when I had it in its current state, but it fell apart when I went crazy with updates and ran off players. We decided that Zetieee will take on this project since he is familiar with GRPG (engine for MafiaStruggle/Central City Syndicate), and I will handle Syndicate Rule since it is my code. Both will mingle with the other in an administrative role.

Grant, thank you for pointing out the SQL Injection holes. We'll get that taken care of as quickly as possible. Some of that code was written by my partner on that project, and he didn't always practice security. I have a function that I use that I haven't had any problems with (Larry Ullman's escape_data() | Posted below) to date, but if you know of any better practices, we'd be happy to give them a shot.


function escape_data($data){
global $connect;
return mysql_real_escape_string(trim($data),$connect);
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