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In the past, the bulk of my dev experience comes from heavily modifying the GRPG engine, but that code was a bit of a disaster. Especially for someone lacking in experience; like myself. However, I still like some base features and concepts. So, what I decided to do was remake/retool GRPG from scratch. I've left out some features due to a lack of necessity. And others, I have not had the opportunity to ponder, let alone put into code, yet.

Anyhow, I was hoping that, what little work I do have done, I could get some feedback on if anyone has the time. Please be merciful, but completely honest with me. I appreciate it.

Syndicate Rule << Game Link

My ultimate goal here is to create a game that moves beyond the, for lack of a better word, standard mafia genre. When you think of Organized Crime, you most likely have Mafia/Mob related images and thoughts pop into your head. But, there are many types of OC that aren't represented. For example, Motorcycle Clubs, Drug Cartels, and many others. My hope is to weave these all together, and to let the player decide what type of OC they want to be a part of.

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When registering :

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/43/d452893359/htdocs/register.php:33) in /homepages/43/d452893359/htdocs/register.php on line 34

home/index page :

Warning: Division by zero in /homepages/43/d452893359/htdocs/includes/functions.php on line 172

Warning: Division by zero in /homepages/43/d452893359/htdocs/includes/functions.php on line 173

Warning: Division by zero in /homepages/43/d452893359/htdocs/includes/functions.php on line 174



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LOL... it just goes to show, pay attention when commenting out lines when troubleshooting bugs. Character attributes weren't being created.


edit: The problem has been fixed. Created a new account. Just need to add some confirmation sequences so that people know it went through and that they can log in.

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