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Someone did a great job ;)


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Just to say Someone (and not somebody) did a great job adding new content to the NWE wiki as well as fix some of my spectacular horrible typos. So first of all, I want to thanks him for his job (and hope he will continue ;) ) as well as say that if any of you feel that some part are missing and / or you are willing to add some content / flesh to the wiki manual, let me know and I shall grant you access to the wiki pages.

If you wonder why the wiki is not open, it's simply to block spam.

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Thank you for the appreciation :cool:

Will try to update sections every time I encounter something, or when I help someone(else) with something regarding NWE, to see if there is something in the documentation that could have been made clearer.

Stay up to date on changes in the NWE wiki on this page http://www.nw-engine.com/wiki/index.php/Special:RecentChanges

Alain also updated the wiki page for database queries, that is not in recent changes list, but worth checking out.

And please do contribute. Do not worry about making mistakes, if we as a group monitor the site, errors will be fixed, and/or updated with "better" practices.

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