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Several Questions


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I noticed on my name I dont have an avatar pic anymore do I have to turn something on for this to work now? Also when I try to upload a jpg or a png it tells me "this isn't a jpg or png". 2nd On the starting template the art knight, my stats bar across the top has all the bars stacked and slightly offset from one another so you can't ready any of them except the last one, what causes this?

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You mean on your game, not name, I guess.

Anyhow, I think its due to a missing .htaccess in the modules/avatar/images folder

Try to copy paste the .htaccess from modules/messages in to the avatar/images folder.

Or make a file there called .htaccess

And fill it with

<FilesMatch "\.(png|jpg|gif)$">
 allow from all


As for the file upload, is the file a .jpeg? Renaming the file to .jpg might be enough to get it through the upload.

Been meaning to report the missing .htaccess, forgot about it.

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Did you take a look at what Someone said? There should be some sort of array that only allows certain files to be uploaded. Since im on my phone im not much help for pin pointing to the file or line. With that being said try uploading a file that is not supposed to b listed as a safe file like a html file or something or check the .ext of the file you are trying to upload and make sure its a .jpg and not a .jpeg

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