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NWE - Source Viewer (W.I.P V:0.4pre)


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Okay, so sometimes I wanna check out the latest module AB releases, but don't really want to load up a copy of NWE (either locally or not), so I created this little tool.

It allows you to view the code from a NWP file, with a few other additions.

- Note: It doesn't store the files for long, just enough to allow the reading and spitting out.

- 2nd Note: AB knows about it, and suggested to post the link here, so I'm calling that, him allowing this. :)


Please post suggestions/bugs/etc here if you can, Thanks.

Navigation: Lists files you can view.

Sidebar: Potential to have 4 areas:

- 1st (Top): Lists mod info, if applicable. This info comes directly from the config.xml file.

- 2nd: Lists any images that comes with it.

- 3rd: Lists any directories that are created within the mods/modname/ directory upon installation.

- 4th: List any files, the system currently doesn't know what to do with. ( I intend on logging these types of files, for future updates, though I don't do that yet, and would have to clear it with AB ).



 - V:0.1 (14 - 01 - 2013) [released]:
     - Official release;
     - View package files.
     - List directories created on installation.
     - List images that are created on installtion.
     - List any other files the system did not know what to do with (example installed marker file).

 - V:0.2 (15 - 01 - 2013) [released]:
   - Style fixes, due to some things not behaving as expected.
   - Implementation of module version checking with the current version in the marketplace.

 - V:0.2b (15 - 01 - 2013) [released]:
   - Implemented the same features for template packages and theme packages.

 - V:0.2c ( 15 - 01 - 2013) [released]:
     - Upped the size of package limit to 50mb.

 - V:0.2d (15 - 01 - 2013) [released]:
     - Fixed a small issue with the theme files SQL being sorted under other unknown files.
     - Removed version checking from anything other than modules (may return for fonts/templates).
     - Additional: UI changes upon different types of packages: Ala: "Module Info", "Fonts Info" so on and so forth.

 - V:0.3pre (19 - 01 - 2013) [pre release]:
     -Image generation for font packages and module packages that have default images.
     -Font preview when uploading font packages.

- V:0.4pre ( 18 - 02 - 2013 ) [ pre release to v1 ]:
  - Redesign, it has a little more colour to it now.   
  - Minor changes behind the scenes to the code, hopefully it's a little more efficient now, though it wasn't that bad to begin with, it's made it easier for the next part in the changelog.
  - It's somewhat responsive/adaptive. [Go ahead resize your browser]
     -- It works on mobile somewhat okay, providing your device's browser supports file upload ( and not a flakey implementation like Nokia/Blackberry usually do with native browsers )
  - Additional information added.
     -- User Variables.
     -- Config Keys.
  - Image listing has changed ( up down are present until I create images, but use those two to slide the image listing up and down, solves the huge list of images.
  - Addition of 'file hints/descriptions' - as per the wiki, these little descriptions will appear below the code area on files that have a description available.

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Update: V:0.3 pre1;

- Image generation for font packages and module packages that have default images. ( click the image name in the image module info box, and it'll show )

- Font preview when uploading font packages ( it'll read "example" in the font files).

It's a pre-release version due to it's flaky-ness.

-Not sure if the font preview image will be reliable, especially with large font letters (average is around 70x70).

-Lightbox is a hack-together implementation by me, it'll move to a proper lightbox solution before v0.3 is out of pre-release.

The pre-release is live to test it out, and see if it's stable, so I'd appreciate it if you can report the bugs to me here.

After this release the plan is to be finished with the tool, I'll continue to maintain and update as the engine does and as bugs crop up, however as far as new features go, I cannot think of anything that will provide more use out of the tool.

Suggestions always welcome.

#plan on removing these posts of mine, and implementing a changelog in the first post.


Posts removed, changelog added. - This post remains until out of pre.

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Version 0.4 pre release is live.

Please note this is a pre release version, for testing purposes.

The change log for this version has been appended to the change log in the first post.

Main changes: Redesign, it has a little more colour to it this time around, additional information such as file descriptions ( taken from the wiki with permission ), user variables, config variables, have been added.

Note: The file descriptions aren't complete there is a lot of missing descriptions for plainly obvious files ( such as lib.php ) I'll get around to adding descriptions for these asap.

- DJK.

Bug ( and one I probably won't fix ): lightbox is a bit flaky on mobile devices, you may have to scroll back to the top when previewing an image (may hotfix auto-scroll ).

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