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What is the ideal engine for you?


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The title mostly covers it all. What is the ideal engine for you? What features are you looking for?

Personally I would want to see a engine with a solid architecture, some type of coding standards and modular. Many engines today's code structure is horrible and in many cases unreadable.

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It all depends on the following points in my opinion:

1) What are your skills? None or little, then it's better to start with a script as it may already act like a tutorial.

2) What is the "time pressure" you have with your project? If you don't have any time pressure, then invest the time and do it yourself, otherwise an engine / framework could help.

3) Do you find an engine which does most if not all what you need? Then again maybe it saves you time to re-use something instead of creating all from scratch. I doubt many of you created their own language to code their games, therefore an engine or a framework is somewhat an extension, a building block which can help you. But it should help not block or force you.

So is there a "best engine" out there? No. It's like there isn't a single "best" car or "best" phone. What I need may be totally different from what you need.

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If I was starting a game now it would be none, the time it takes you to edit a script to the way you like it and the money it costs.myouncould make a half decent script.

In that case you might have worked with a/many bad engine(s). Personally, I think that engines shouldn't focus on delivering as many modules/scripts as possibles but instead give us a solid base too start upon, you should be able to focus right away on your game and not having too worry about e.g. writing the object-relational mapping library first. Having it modularized helps keeping structure and obviously there are some good modules/scripts out there.

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