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Problem with installation


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I go to install pretty sure i have everything correct, but on the index page when I start up the installer it tells me my license isn't valid and gives me a link to purchase a copy. I already purchased the $100 version, any ideas? I copied the key directly out of "your license" tab on the home page.

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Is the key correct in the file config/license.php


Are you installing on a web server or local computer?

If at home there I think here could be firewall issues.

Is Curl or fsock working correctly.

Dont think I needed to insert the key from anywhere, the key was in the zip file.

Did you use the self installer, or the full package

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if you use the depack it asks for a key, when i do the manual unpack on the server, I get an error on the line 44 of the installer where it asks for the version. Weird part on the license.php file it doesn't keep the same license as the one I put in, very very strange.

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What exactly is the error message at line 44

What tool are you using to view/edit the license.php (recommend ftp and not cpanel file browse)

The file not keeping its value sound like a file permission issue.

Make sure license.php has the correct value. And then upload and overwrite.

Run installer, but do it in another browser (or clear cookies), I noticed the key check stores the result in a session variable.

Another thing you can try, is to edit the libs/db.php

At line 493 insert

$licenseKey = 'keyhere';
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What exactly did not seem to work?

If it was the install.php modification, I think we are down to two things, your server can not connect to nw-engine.com or the key is somehow invalid.

To check the key goto: http://www.nw-engine.com/verify.php?l=XXXXXXXXX&sip=::1

Replace Xs with the 10 first numbers/characters of your key.

As for connection, you will have to check curl or fopen settings. They might be disabled on your server, especially if using a free server. btw cheap/free hosting accounts will suspend your account the minute you get even a little bit of players.

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Great that you got in working!

Still strange that we experienced different behaviour on this issue though!

I think the auto installer has a bug, because i deletd the files off my wamp bymistake, and when I tried to reinstall nwe, faced the problem.

I noticed two things:

1) The license page has some default license number being written even when I input my number in the installation process.

2) The db.php file is nit having any license number written at all it just has a - there.

Maybe the autoinstaller is not writting the license numbers properly.

Oh and mine stopped working again, gotto try and fix it :/

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