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Can't get username from table.


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Hi again.

Just having a mysqli issue. First time using databases and tables.

I have a table with PlayerIDs and Username as the title. Table itself is called users

When a person logs in i create a session variable for ID


	$_SESSION['ID'] = $id;


Now in the game I want to retrieve that username so I'm able to display it. I don't want to use the session variable to do this as i will be reusing that username constantly so i would want it stored in a variable.


$data = mysqli_query($mysqli, "SELECT * FROM userss WHERE PlayerIDs =" . $_SESSION['ID']); 
$info = mysqli_fetch_array( $data ); 


The above is my sql that im using. And to ouput the result I use


echo $info['Username'];


Yet nothing gets displayed.

Is there a way where I can call all this data easily and display it easily. Like for example if i wanted to display there level aswell. So in other words control what is displayed?


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