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Any work you create for NWE can be sent directly to the NWE marketplace all mods will be reviewed by Alain who will give it the approval..

You can send you work to the marketplace via the Admin section on NWE...

However small updates im sure would be acceptable to be posted on here as long as any other paid NWE source code isnt displayed..

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So when you ask to share a module it uploads it to the main server and can be put out there for everyone I assume.

I don't know what is considered 'paid' or 'not paid' for parts of the source code. I have updates to tables and existing modules mostly (not bug fixes but improvements). I don't know how I can post them without showing 'some' code that exists. I obviously wouldn't want to get in trouble posting something but that might styfle my ability to share.

Well thank you for the response.


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If it is core updates/additions to the engine, or its core modules, modules that you have to pay for. I would PM Alain or you could, post what you have added.

I don't think the engine owner mind some code to be exposed.

Like this

File location and name:

At line:

Code added:

Replace line numer



If its good and secure, I am pretty sure he will add it to the existing code.

If you write stand alone modules, you submit them to the market place. For details about that see: http://www.nw-engine.com/wiki/index.php/Marketplace

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It's not like I am trying to make money from the mods. Especially when I sense a group willing to share. I just don't want to break any rules. I have about 120 mods to the base code for improvements. Well improvements in my eyes :). I've only had the code base a short time. I do professional work in PHP for eCommerce sites. Gaming is my hobby.


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