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Advanced Club Mod [$5]!


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This is my first paid mod so hopefully it will be a success and everyone will love it!

What this mod does?

-Allows players to visit the club!.

-When entering the club a set of random events can happen which may hinder your entrance into the club!.

-Allows players to drink, take drugs and dance in the club!.

-Players will have drinking levels, drug levels and dancing levels. The better the drug and drinking level the more drugs and drink they will be able to handle. The better there dancing the better there outcomes when dancing will be!.

-When players drink they gain energy, the stronger the drink the more energy they gain.

-When players take drugs they gain brave, the stronger the drug the more brave they will earn.

-When players dance a set of random events can occur. These random events also differ due to your dancing level. The events include things like loosing money, gaining money and also gaining will.





What this mod includes:

-A .zip folder with all the necessary files and installation instructions!.

-Life time support guarantee!.

-All upgrades are free!.


This all comes for an excellent price of $5!

Payment details:

All payments to be sent to [email protected] and then email your transaction i.d to [email protected] and once I have verified you have sent the money I will reply to your email with the necessary file!.




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