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Hey there got bored tonight and thought I would update the looks of a page and thought the home page looked pretty dull so I made it look a little better.

Open index.php and replace with:

You're unable to view this code.

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Old style:






Edited by Razor42
extra screenshot!
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Never mentioned there were any "real" changes! Not everyone can code and some people can't even do a table so they will find something like this useful. Plus it's not like its a paid mod, it's free! Also instead of just criticising post suggestions? What else could be done to make it better?

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Why not take the whole available space? Horizontally and vertically? The dotted lines are disturbing in my opinion and doesn't bring much. I would also add a WYSIWYG editor.

As a matter of fact i just got into trying to dish WYSIWYG editors. It is easier than people think but for the notepad, but here is razor's update with what you are talking about


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