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Grow Weed Mod


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Hello all just wanted to ask if anyone could lend me a hand iv spent the last 4 hours creating a modification for mccodes v2 (4am now)

was wondering if anyone could help me out with a cron which will pay them once there growing days hit 0 and not get paid if there days are already at 0

ill give you some of the info for the mod

Grow Shop

> Sells a hydroponics kit (required for growing)

> Random Stock (changes every day if stock is at 0)

100% complete and tested

Seed Bank

> Buy female cannabis Seed (required for growing)

> No stock (might add once iv had some sleep)

100% complete and tested

Medical Center

> Buy a medical card which will give you risk free growing

100% complete and tested

Grow Set Up

> Check info ( amount of seeds/days left till grow is finnished)

99% complete and tested (accept paying out)

3 new feilds in users table

any help will be greatfull

oh almost forgot this is going to be free mod


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