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Version 1.1.4 (full) available


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The latest 1.1.4 is now available to download as upgrade or whole package. This version includes:

- Improvements on the error handling (easier to understand errors)

- Image uploads (system wide configured via config.xml)

- Avatar system

- Improvement on the layout display of the forum threads

- Some bug fixes

- Introduction of the theme importer / exporter (work is in progress to offer you a second theme)

- Offline mode (with a function to check if somebody is online or not)

- NPC can now have their own image

And much more.

(Total number of included modules: 102)

Check, and report any issues.

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Really would benefit from unit testing methinks -- < 20 seconds to find a bug though ;) -- Saying that, I have a sneaky suspicion this existed prior to 1.1.4


Error: Undefined variable: uservals

HINT: You should always declare your variables before using them. However this error could be triggered as well if you made a typo in the variable name or you missed to call the global $var_name command.

Error in evaluated code:


Error in "/var/www/nwe/htdocs/libs/common.php(1140) : eval()'d code"

Line 1

Error in /var/www/nwe/htdocs/libs/common.php

Line 1140

Error in /var/www/nwe/htdocs/modules/works/content.php

Line 48

Error in /var/www/nwe/htdocs/libs/common.php

Line 554

Error in /var/www/nwe/htdocs/index.php

Line 316

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That's indeed an old bug... not new to 1.1.4. Anyhow thanks for the report. Unit testing would indeed help, however I need to find a good / smart way to set it up without taking me ages to do so.

Use this SQL to fix it:

replace into works(id,name,description,effect) values(1,'Harvest apples','Harvest apples for one hour, and receive 10 !Currency','$userStats["!Currency"]->value+=10;');
replace into works(id,name,description,effect,duration) values(2,'Sheepherding','Keep an eyes on the sheeps for a whole day and receive 40 !Currency','$userStats["!Currency"]->value+=40;',3600*24);


Or yet better simply upgrade via the module manager the work module ;)

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