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Help with making first game.


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i would like to start making a game, nothing special, just a simple tower defence.

i am not sure in what language, i think i will go with flash.

i have little to none coding exprience, does some1 have a good free guide for flash?

and i will be doing this mostly alone, in free time. my friend might help me with a little spriting.

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No phones, no tablets. I personally think HTML5 Canvas with CSS3 will eventually overtake Flash

The big question is what type of game do you want to create?

AFAIK: Older Android phones/tablets have access to flash.

AFAIAA: Adobe are gearing their efforts with flash to more specifically gaming.

As for your thought on HTML5 and CSS3 overtaking flash, sure, just as next-next-gen HTML&CSS will take over, eventually... (it's pretty obvious) :p

Anyhow both options are equally viable, for a tower defense game.

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