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To be honest it looks very similar to mccodes the coding, just extra long name vars only difference I see between the two...

TBH, it's nothing like MCC.

Yes it comes default in a mafia style?

But the actual code is alot nicer.

EG: GRPG style



class User { //create a class for users

	function User($id) {	//function inside the class to call user data

	$run = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `id` = '".$id."'"); //collect user data
	$return = mysql_fetch_array($run); // store user data

			$this->name = $return['name'];                    	//users name
			$this->password = $return['password'];				//users password
			$this->email = $return['email'];					//users email
		//	$this->cards = $return['cards']; //not in use yet
		//	$this->deck = $return['deck'];   //not in use yet



Also the HTML is processed outside of PHP tags.


include 'something.php';
<h1> general info</h1>


this is also better in my opinion.

this to me is alot easier to learn than the MCC class files.

and yes it's buggy. But so is MCC even redux.

If anyone is going to buy and engine with (Admittedly buggy code) they are somewhat stupid.


I don't like or agree with MCC. Too main stream and too much effort to get rid of the traces of mafia/gangster.

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Well I been working on the engine. Its very similar to mccode but with alot array. A bit buggy aswell almost the same amount as mccode v2 in the beginning. But Grant is an GRPG developer he's pretty good. And the grpg engine actually isnt know much unless you come on this forum.

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