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Free Hosting No strings!


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I dont own a server but i do have a Virtual Private Server (VPS)


I purchased a phpBB forum online Just for fun and am offering Free Web hosting :D


I own the Forum 100% its run of a Cpanel on my server.


Q-Why is it Free?


A-I do Hosting as a hobby not for a profit.


I have upgraded the forum and will be doing more on it day by day!


At the end of the Day am offering free Hosting on my vps.


If you want free Hosting let me know :D


am doing this to help other gamers like i said its a hobby .



http://www.mccrackens-hosting.co.uk/ Click the Link to have a look at my new forum!





Free Hosting No strings :D


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well he is quite good at dddosing people

There are many tools on the internet, where you just type in a URL, for example LOIC. I don't see how someone can be 'bad' at it.


he tryed it on my habbo retros and yeat failed to shut it down

I thought he was quite good :?


End point. Don't accuse someone of doing something illegal until you have proof.

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@op : It would probably be useful if you posted a little more about the services you offer; ie what environment(s) are installed

Scripting language support? - Presumably PHP, but which version and are other scripted languages supported?

Database support? - Presumably MySQL, again, which version and what other databases are supported?

Caching system? Is Memcached/Redis installed? if so, what versions

Web Servers? Presumably Apache, ... which version and are any others available

FTP/Shell access? Provided?

Operating system? Which ... etc etc


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Hmmmm topic.....I hope you brought enough for everyone!

I know this is "free" but what guarantee do you have to anyone taking your offer.

You could decide to not continue or cannot afford the monthly payments and the server company revoke your vps taking anyone with you offline too.

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