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Kim DotCom returns, with MegaBox


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So, we all know the story of Kim DotCom and the shut down of MegaUpload earlier this year, Kim DotCom is back, with another "project", MegaBox.

I'm not entirely sure what it's all about, I think it's some sort of music and file hosting service, a little like MegaUpload, but I could be wrong :p


The Reddit Thread

So, What's your thoughts on this?

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The idea is to allow artists to sell their music directly to users, with a 90% commission on sales.

As well as paying artists for downloads of 'free' tracks.

Well that's what I got from it, so I'm guessing iTunes without the stupid fees.

As well as a way to mess with the music industry moguls, which has to be fun for bystanders to watch.

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