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to be honest


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hey guys i just going to cut to the chase here basiclly i am a learnr of php still kinda sucks but ho well ok how do i get a game running properly i mean i still learning slowly and well yeah my game a disgrase (it a **** game to start off with) i need tips and advice on how to do this properly i do have 2 engines running but i need some advice (good) advice and tips on how to market my game cause atm it look like i am a sitting duck for a while

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Indeed, instead of starting from an engine, start from a story. A game should be first a story, defines the goals, then the gameplay and rules and then only at the end be implemented. If you reverse, and start from an engine, you usually end up with something lacking in the story side, which makes the game annoying.

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On paper or electronic document (no programming):

1) Decide a story

2) Write the story (actors, steps, end, etc...)

3) Define the game

4) Setup the game rules

5) Make lists of items, NPC

6) Define maps, dialogs, quests or whatever is relevant to your game

7) From the story and game play extract the requirements of your engine like, being a 2D platform game, need to have multi player actions like PvP, etc.

Now it needs a computer:

8) Check if a game engine fits at least partially the requirements

9) (optional) Try to setup a rapid prototype of your game with or without the game engine, to see if it makes some sense, and if it could be playable

10) Code the missing piece or the whole engine if you didn't found any engine fitting your needs.

11) Implement the content

12) Alpha test and implement the remarks of your players (if they make sense)

12) Beta test

13) Fix bugs

14) Go in production

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