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Army theme ingame layout PSD


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It's very simple, you should look into using more textures to improve your work. It also looks allot like a crime template I recently coded... try and make your work different every time because no client really want's matching templates.

I'd also suggest doing some research into typography as a nice font can really set a template apart from others.

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it was my first attempt at creating a template yeh its kinda like the one you just codded i made some changes to it

yeh it is simliar to the one you coded for me but i didnt just copy the whole template and edit it i made it from scratch using that as a guide line and then my brain started going overdrive lol so it gave me a basic understanding of where to start and i will keep at it and keep releasing them for free where people want them or not i figure the more i do and play around with it the better ill get.

thanks for the post dave

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