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[Seeking Entire Team] Programmers, Artist's, Designers


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So first I'll tell everyone what I bring to the table. I bring over 13 good years of game programming experience ranging from vb, vb.net, c++, C#, php/mySQL. I also could bring in potential money for advertisement or any other special things the team may need to make our game(s) sucessfull.


What I am seeking

o Artist to create console game interface screensi

o Artist to create characters (one stance)

o Artist to create Items (weapons, armour)

o Artist to create Spell Images (like thumb nails for the type of spell)

o Artist to create Animations (for spell's, attacks, defensive)

o C# Server Programmer (main communication to make all platforms work together)

o XNA Programmer (xbox and pc)

o Android Programmer

o iOS Programmer(s) (iPhone, iPad)

o Web Designer (xHtml, css)

What kind of project is this?

This project is a small rpg fighting game. Where you take turns selecting an action against another person such as attacking, stealing money, steal item, or defenend. After evey battle, you earn exp and money which can be spent on new items, spells, or characters. The game is fairly simple. You challenge people and accept or decline. People love these small but yet very simple kind of games.

What will I be doing?

I will be starting with designing how the database will work, then move onto the admin panel for this game which will run threw a website. The database the website and the C# Server uses will be the same so all different platforms can compete against one another. I will then either stat with the web version of the game or I will begin writing the protocol (think this is right word) on how the server and platforms will communicate with each other.


PM me or leave a message here on what you can do and why your interested and what you would like to get out of joining this team. This team will work together in the future after this project is complete. Once I find an entire team I will try to get a common ground where everyone can talk to each other to throw idea's around on what we should do. hehe

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Xbox may be the only platform that may not be able to communicate with other platform's, but I know 100% that other platforms can. I allready know I can sync my pc, web and android players into the same game. I know nothing about iOS so I can not confirm this can be done, but I am pretty sure it can.

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