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Changing colors in a dropdown


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So, I'm trying to set it up so players can choose their own font color for my game's chat. The color codes are to be put into an array, and I want the choices to show up as the color the player is selecting. I just cannot get it to work.

To better understand it, here's an example I tried:


$coloroptions = array(1 => '#00FFFF');

echo "
<form action='preferences.php?action=chatcolor' method='post' />
	<select name='color'>";

		foreach($coloroptions as $colorcode => $colorname)
			echo "
				<option value='", $colorcode ,"'><font style='color:", $colorname, ";'>", $colorname ,"</font></option>";

echo "
	<input type='submit' value='Select Color' /></form>";


Now, in the dropdown, the code #00FFFF should show up as an aqua color. But it's still just black text on a white background. Any ideas?

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So, what are you trying to tell me here? I need to use the color name and not the code? I need to select the color inside the option? Tried that. Instead of using an array, I need to type out every single option?

Edit: Not trying to be rude if that's how I've come off. This has just been giving me some trouble for the past half hour or so. :P

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"color"		-> hex value of the colour, including hash #

	"style"		-> background colour of the option && text colour of the option
	"tag" 		-> what it will display in the option

$colours = array(
				'#FFFFFF' => array('style' => 'background:#CCCCCC;color:#000000', 'tag' => 'White'),
				'#000000' => array('style' => 'background:#3C3C3C;color:#FFFFFF', 'tag' => 'Black'),

if( isset($_POST['submit']) ) {

	if( array_key_exists($_POST['colour'], $colours) == FALSE ) { /* Not a colour in the array */
		echo 'Choose again';
	} else { /* Everything OK */
		echo 'Colour changed!';
		// mysql_query("UPDATE `users` SET `chat_colour`='{$_POST['colour']}' WHERE `userid`={$userid}");

echo '<form action="" method="post">';
echo '<select name="colour">';
echo '<option value="">--- Choose One ---</option>';
foreach( $colours as $colour => $additional) {
echo '<option value="'. $colour .'" style="'. $additional['style'] .'">'. $additional['tag'] .'</option>';	
echo '</select>';
echo '<input type="submit" value="Do" name="submit" /> </form>';




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