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Simple problem solving


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This is a small test I have created, with use of other tests around the net.

This one will specifically attain to solving real-world problems that developers face each day.

Furthermore, I'm trying to keep the tasks as simple as possible - so, don't post answers, if you would like to have your answer reviewed PM me.

Task 1

Given a database, and two tables called "skills" and "user" .

"skills" holds three columns, "id", "label" and "value".

"user" holds four columns, "id", "name", "email" "skill_ref".

Now, write a MySQL query to retrieve the user's "name" with the third highest skill number("value") for the skill with a "label" of "agility".

No PHP is required.

Task 2

Given an array, with an undetermined set of elements which could be an array themselves, holding only integer values:

Create a function called findMin($int_arr), that will find the smallest integer throughout the 2-dimentional array.

Sample input:

$int_arr = array(4,90,array(7,3),4);


Output should be:



Feel free to ask questions and discuss.

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