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Looking for a Partner!


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Hi, first of all i'd like to welcome you to my thread. I have a game that is online, however, I am running into the problem where there are not enough hours in a day to cover what I have to do - so I am looking for a coding Partner to "ease some of my pressure" for my current game, and maybe more to come.

What I am looking for:-

  • Someone who can invest 7+ hours per week into coding
  • Someone who has a good knowledge of the Mccodes v2 script
  • Someone who is good with PHP and CSS - who can at least match my skills (I am not the best, but I am confident with my coding - I can supply samples of my coding to any interested parties)
  • Preferably live within the UK, so we do not run into timezone barriers


From this "partnership" you will gain 30% of any Donations made from players. All expenses i.e. Server costs etc. will be paid by myself.

A little bit about the game:-

  • Donations made since release (20 May 2012) +$700. An exact figure cannot be provided as I have used a different donation system and part of the donations haven't been tracked
  • 1138 registered accounts
  • between 40 and 60 daily active players
  • Mobile version as well as Android app for the game


I am not going to release the URL via this thread, any interested parties please contact me for more information.

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