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Simple Game Engine


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I have modified a more complex game engine into a very simple game engine. I do not remember the original game engine source or I would give them credit. I am making it free and open sourced. It is basically a registration system with monster hunting and resting in a house to restore energy. You can download it here: http://ditto.freewebhosts.com.au/test/simple.zip The hunt.php, home.php, and timer.php are mostly my own code. I have a few other mods I created as well. There is a game advertising script and a top player script. I am releasing it because I want to see what people will do with such a simple game engine. If you are a better coder than I am, perhaps you can make it even simpler or cleaner.

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function userdata($ir,$lv,$fm,$dosessh=1)


global $c,$userid;




mysql_query("UPDATE users SET laston=unix_timestamp(),lastip='$ip' WHERE userid=$userid",$c);

Mccodes..... insecure version at that.

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