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  1. I am sorry. It should work now. Thank you for all your help Magic. I am thinking of releasing my files for help with my game problem. I left out dbconnect.php because It contains my password and such. I will modify it later. error_log gametable.sql register.php logout.php index.php home.php
  2. My game is Dawnspell.com You can check it out with [email protected] and password demo. You will notice that nothing updates when you kill the monster.
  3. That is my problem I think. Updating the old mysql to mysqli. I tried the free mccodes but, it did not install all the way.
  4. I used a registration tutorial and, there maybe some mcCodes mixed into it?
  5. I want to give a user experience if they defeat the monster. I want to use mysqli. I would appreciate your help. Please checkout my current fight.php I am new so my code is sloppy. fight.php
  6. You can check out the live demo here: http://ditto.freewebhosts.com.au/test/index.php or you can check out what I have been doing with it here: http://ditto.freewebhosts.com.au/index.php
  7. I have modified a more complex game engine into a very simple game engine. I do not remember the original game engine source or I would give them credit. I am making it free and open sourced. It is basically a registration system with monster hunting and resting in a house to restore energy. You can download it here: http://ditto.freewebhosts.com.au/test/simple.zip The hunt.php, home.php, and timer.php are mostly my own code. I have a few other mods I created as well. There is a game advertising script and a top player script. I am releasing it because I want to see what people will do with s
  8. This game looks pretty professional. I hope more people will check it out.
  9. Re: Max Level Thanks Floydian for your patience and kindness. I think I understand now.
  10. Re: Max Level Is it because, the stat gains would still occur on Check_Level() and for a moment the player would see their level at 101? Do you recommend going to global_func.php -> check_level() and doing this: if($ir['exp'] >= $ir['exp_needed'] && $ir['level'] < 100) { I also think something should be done about the experience gained from attacking after the level cap.
  11. Re: Max Level I think you could put something like this in header.php :   if ($ir['level'] > 100) { $db->query("UPDATE users SET level = 100 where userid=$userid"); }   There is probably a better way, but this would work.
  12. Re: How do I Variable Question Thank you Floydian, I will definitely try that out :-)
  13. I am trying to set a variable that goes down by 1 every time a link is clicked. I am unsure how to do the variable properly. $start = 10; $monsterhp = $start - $damage; $hit = rand(1,2); if ($hit = 1) { $damage = 1; echo "You hit the monster for 1 hp damage. Hit Again"; } else { $damage = 0; echo "It hit you instead. Try Again"; } Some help would be appreciated.
  14. Pheonix

    Help with Session

    Re: Help with Session Thanks for your interest, Floydian. It turns out I was way over complicating things. Here is what I ended up doing that worked:   include "dbconnect.php"; $user = $_SESSION['user']; $other = mysql_query("SELECT * from userdb where username='$user'") or die("Could not get other!"); $try = mysql_fetch_array( $other ); $name = $try['username']; echo "Welcome $name, to my game";
  15. Pheonix

    Help with Session

    I do not know if this belongs here. I am trying something different and need to see what I am doing wrong with this code: include "dbconnect.php"; $user=$_SESSION['user']; $userstats="SELECT * from userdb where username='$user'"; $userstats2=mysql_query($userstats) or die("Could not get user stats"); $userstats3=mysql_fetch_array($userstats2); $username = $userstats['username']; echo "$username, welcome to my game.";   Would this work? Please be kind, I am new to this.
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