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Mods by 3rd parties


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Some of you wonder what kind of 3rd party mods there is already for NWE, well here is what the marketplace have to offer:

Curt just released his first free mod: a bank mod: http://www.nw-engine.com/index.php?c=modules

Illusions already have 3: http://www.nw-engine.com/index.php?c=modules&author=4

Sporo released a while back a module to get out of jail: http://www.nw-engine.com/index.php?c=modules&m=76

So far so good, more will come for sure, but as you see, I'm not anymore alone ;)

BTW Ruler, Dom and a couple other promised me some too ;)

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I just uploaded the bank module and the whole site crashed.

As per old habits, I deleted the new module folder and now the entire site does not process at all... simply a blank page...

FIX: Delete the folder under "modules" that it installed. Edit config/auto-defines.php and remove the lines that refer to "bank". Refresh your page and all should be good.

I am on 1.1.1 and it created a memory loop that caused the server to stop the program. Might want to check the code. :)

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SilverStar: No I can't really answer you how much demands there is. It's like asking, how many download you will have if you create an Android app. A good one will have more downloads than a bad one. That's a first problem. Second, if you ask if the engine is widely used, then I can answer you that the engine has been released on March 2012, which means... just a couple of months ago, since then, the adoption of NWE is growing, but we still need to see a full working game with it.

There are a couple of reasons why there isn't yet a game running NWE:

- NWE doesn't have yet the content to really make it a full working game out of the box (and as you can see on the web pages, it is not advertised as ready to be played game). Why? because so far I concentrated on the quality of the base engine, features for the admin and the developers, more than simply delivering a game which could be run directly, and which would end up being the same for all, without the options to modify it.

- It's a bit young, and people didn't got time yet to make their game with it.

- The way NWE is handling things is quiet different from the concurrent engines. Not saying it's better or worse, let's stay with the word different ;)

So if your question is, does it make sense to develop a module for NWE? I would answer yes, as at least you learn other ways to do things, and maybe some people will be interested in it too. Be assured there is already quiet a good number of licenses (full one) floating around, but I will not give you the numbers here.

If your question is, will I make tons of money by creating NWE mods, then my quick answer is: no, you will not. Or at least I doubt. There is no quick money, and NWE is certainly not a quick money making. But I doubt you do tons of money quickly with McCode or ezrpg or whatever else mods. At least it depends of the "tons" definition ;)

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I really like NWE, as the amount of errors and bugs are down to none, or a minimum, but I'm so used to how Mccodes is layout. When I mean layout, I mean I played so many other games that are so similar, like where everything is put, sidebar navigation and so on, however it has so many errors, one cannot count. Whereas then again, if your good enough in PHP scripting, it can be a easy job in editing NWE to the same standards. Overall, I regret purchasing Mccodes V2, NWE is the choice for anyone who doesn't really want to spend weeks fixing bugs & errors, and thanks for telling me, had no idea there was a free one. :P

Overall, great engine. ;)

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Well the layout, and how things work shall not be hard to be modified. However thinking that a game is good if it is like any other one is really something sad, I mean, you would like to have all the console / PC games the sames? Me not. Same on the web, I would like to pick a game and know it is different from the thousand other out there. That's why an engine should be flexible enough to let you create whatever you want... or nearly.

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