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Drugs mod [$15]

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Hi i have just finished creating a drugs mod for my game and i was thinking about selling up to 10 licences of the drugs mod here are all the features of the mod:-

you build a druglab which you use to grow any one of 10 selected drugs.

There is a bag shop where you buy bags to increase the total account of drugs you can carry on you.

You can hire hookers thugs and dealers (HTD) which will earn you some money in return for drugs you can set the drug you give them.

You can built gun presses and sewing machines to produce guns and vests for the HDK's to use.

There is a drug street where you can buy/sell drugs the prices will fluctuate often.

There is drug bank where you launder your dirty drug money into clean money that you can use elsewhere there is 2 options quick and slow.

Quick is instant you get your money there and then but the bank takes a 55% cut of the money.

Slow takes 6 hours per transaction but the bank only takes 25% cut.

You can exchange 1000 units of any drug into a useable drug item that your avatar can take.

You can travel between 10 different drug cities each with there own market prices.

There is a real time function that is run every time players use drug points they gain drugs, their HDK's gain them money and take some drugs and gun and vests are produced and then shows a summary to the player of what happened.

The only thing need to be added to the crons are the fluctuating market prices and the users hourly gain of drug money and drug points.

If you would like to see a demo of the mod in action visit my game http://corruptcity.net use demo demo to login and in the explore link look for drugs.

cheers skalman

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was in a rush the 1st time
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Personally, and this is directed at your post, I found it all quite hard to read, as it is not split in sections, but that's just my view.

Also, I go to the drug lab, via 'Explore' I assume I've got the correct system, and I buy more drug lab space, getting this message.

QUERY ERROR: Unknown column 'carry_limit' in 'field list'

Query was SELECT druglab, grow, paydrug, hookers, thugs, dealers, gun_presses, sewing_machines, carry_limit, carry_qty FROM drugs WHERE userid = 164

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Seems like the errors found already are too easy.

You should always test and test until you are 100% sure it is bug free and there is nothing else wrong with it.

Using capital letters at the start of the sentence makes things much easier to read.

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