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Player Combat


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Thoughts on player combat?

1) Should you be able to attack someone in jail or the hospital?

2) Currently, with two players in the game, I can attack them with no AP loss forever, even after putting them going to the hospital or jail.

3) Maybe having player combat use AP might be a good idea?

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1) No you should not

2) That's for sure not what we should have at the end. However as it has currently no effect (positive or negative) it's there just to show that it's possible some sort of PvP.

3) Player combat should use AP as well in my opinion, and / or you should be able to attack another player only once per day.

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You SHOULD be able to attack other players that are also in the jail or hospital. At least that is what i would do if i programmed an mccodes game. Maybe i am wrong but there are fights in jails, and you should be able to fist fight someone inside the jail with you. Seems like an easy write up.

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It would be easy to say if the person is in jail they can only fight omeone else in jail, and without taking into account armor and weapons they would "normally" have equipped. Same in the hospital, except those in the hospital are usually near the brink of death anyways... maybe wheelchair races? lol :D

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