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Next modules developed - Quest system


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Just to inform you about the future of the engine. In the coming weeks I will work on a quest system which allows to define goals the players need to fulfill. Think for example that you have the following story:

- The player meet sergeant X which give him as task to find back weapons for the fight

- The player must explore the ruins to fund the weapons

- Once the player found the 3 weapons required he goes back to the sergeant

- The Sergent gives him a new task to kill 5 atomic bats

- ...

For the player this is a true story line which he / she need to follow to progress in the game, at the same time it gives goals and rewards once the goals are reached. For the game owner it's the possibility to write down a true story and let the players interact with it.

Now how that will work, well basically we will need NPC for dialogs, where NPC will appear on some conditions like quest X is done, or whatever. We will need to expand the explore module to accommodate the quests. And we will need some sort of journal to help the user to keep track of those quests. Some tweaks around battles and maybe other mods may be required too, I will check and try to minimize them.

Once the new set of code is ready it will included in in the current full package and will be available to all current full license owners for free.

For the game owners, you will be able to "code" those quests simply by editing a set of tables directly from the admin interface. Later on we may work even on some sort of wizard or special editors for those.

You will be able to have a single thread story which means, like a linear game. Or you will be able to have as many open quests as you want.

As the development of the quest system is not exactly a little thing and may require some iterations, we may need to think if we should release it to all while working on it, or we should make like a mini beta tester group for it. What would you guys prefer?

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Status update:

We have a first running version of the system which shall be further expanded as we expand the whole engine / mod base. Basically any module can be used for the quest system, from combats, explorations to even the NPC shop. And many have already been updated to be usable in the quest system.

Quests can be linear in the sense that you must first finish one before going to the next one, or non linear where you could have as many open quests as you want.

Quests can have one more more goals, and can have requirements before being triggered. For example, you cannot start this quest before reaching level X. For the multiple goals, you could for example need to killl X rats and need to sell an hat. It's up to the game owner / admins to decide.

The creation of quests do not require any coding and all is done on the table data level which means, you could create all your quests directly from the admin panel. We will later on give a wizard for a creator / editor of the quests to make this process even more simple.

We plan to deliver this feature with the updates of a couple of modules around next week.

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Just a question...Are there going to be free mods and such on this posted like on the MCCodes? I know I will be flamed about this post but i don't currently see any free mods on it. I like the new engine and have played with it a bit in admin mode and would like to transfer some of my mods from MCCODES over and i am curious how easy/difficult it will be. Also curious if we will be able to sell mods made for this engine soon here or anywhere...I would like to try at least.

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I imagine some kind soul will release some free mods, however you'd probably find them on the marketplace.

As for converting, I don't think it would be to difficult, providing you have a good grasp of both engines, in any case I am sure someone will help if you post on the forums. :)


It is my belief that the market place is open for anyone to sell their mods providing they're up to some set standard and actually work.

I think A_bertrand will have to confirm this, but I think it's right.

Best of luck with the engine.

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Illusions already started to offer mods in the market place. Yes it's open to everyone, provided the mod is secure, and uses the appropriate engine functions (in any case I will review and report to the author any kind of issues, as well help in case it's needed). Mods can be free or not, it's up to the author. You may also if you wish post your mod outside of the market place, as pure sources or as package which has the advantage of being easier to install.

For the conversion of a McCodes mod to NWE (New Worlds Engine) mod, I would say it's generally not all that difficult. If you need an hand I can help you out.

BTW I did said it, but the quest mod will be free for all full engine owners.

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The quest system shall be ready, and the wizard has been incorporated in the table editor. That means all the logic will be editable directly from the table editor without actually requiring you to write any PHP. The PHP will be created for you by the tool.

The wizard is able to create condition logic as well as action logic. The same wizard can be then used on any other tables requiring such PHP code (like the usage_code column of the objects) simply by defining a little tag in the config.xml file.

Of course the wizard can be disabled via the admin panel and you would then be able to write down whatever code you want.

We are now testing all those modification and hope to deliver the new version tomorrow or the day after.

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