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windows live messenger error


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hey guys hope someone can help me cos google is ****

When i try connect to windows live messenger (WLM) I get a connection report about Key Ports with an excalamation next to it..

Ive tried a few various fixes from what google has offered but to no avail and still cant connect to WLM im using window7 and the latest version of WLM

can anyone shed some light on a possible fix...

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You should be uninstall your messenger and then again install this messenger in your computer and you may get better result or if this problem is occur again the you should be re install your windows because this problem is in your computer not in your messenger so i think you should need to re install your Windows and then try again to install this messenger in your computer

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Glad i could help.

Anyone else that need's the fix:

Open up internet option's -> Advanced Tag -> (LIST) Security Options -> Check for Server Certificate (needs to be unchecked).

And the admin's can now close this thread :P

That tells me there's an invalid cert somewhere, probably the built-in root ones(Verisgn, etc.).

I'd try checking the date.

With Skype, I know it opens up the HTTP port on a computer(only Windows though, how strange?).

There might be another process already using the ports MSN requires for authentication as well, though, last time I checked it uses random user-range ports.

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