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What does everyone think of my game Gangster-Society.co.uk


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Well being serious.

It looks like every other generic game of this type without any thought or originality and that has been used more than once. So yeah not very good sorry.

And looks way to much like MafiaDeath to be taken seriously.

PS: Ruler! He called me a fool. :(

Oh and he called you a faggot, boy this one is on a roll.

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Good job btw. I cant see anyone wanting to work with you on this now you have show your immaturity.

Quick make another account at mwg and post your willing to work on the game lol

Ever notice, me and you = entertainment at the expense of some idiot? :p

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Tru Dat! (oh wow, me and that does not work.)

Would you like a spot of tea, good sir? (ah better.)

P.S: Wonder where SRB is, he is just barely leet and needs a spam session to join in with, well here you go SRB.

Edit again: Just to make everyone aware, we made our point previously, it looks to much like another game and generic, we're only spamming because he called us fools and faggots, which deserves a little spam, don't you agree?

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