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I just wanted to know your opinion

Once i am done with my current engine which will be done in nearly 1 month i will start a new custom engine project

In this engine everything that is there in fearless city will be there but some extra features will be added

What is the diffrence in this engine is that it is not for newbies because while installing the owner have to set all the variables and tables so this makes it custom engine type

While installing the admin have to set the staff panel and admin panel password

The admin cant open the site untill or unless the following folders are renamed





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I don't really see the need for such operations. It's not by making your engine harder to use that it will increase it's value. You have basically two ways to approach such project in my opinion:

- Start from the features you want to have, and check how to implement them in a smart way


- Build a framework which will allow you to build features on top later on.

The first approach is more direct however you will end up soon in a situation where you will not be able to continue without every time modifying all and you will soon end up with some odd / bad code. However it tends to be faster in the short term.

The second approach is more for more skilled people, which require you to think about the design, and maybe try a couple before actually going forward. It will also take more time before you actually get any kind of results out as you will need to invest time to create the foundations of your engine. However this approach will lead to better code, and hopefully let you gain time later on too.

Therefore, I would strongly suggest you to DESIGN your engine, think about its goal, what it shall do, and how to reach those goals. Forget about simply putting down code to make it somehow work, that will not do it.

BTW you should also think about your own motivations why you do it:

If it's for the money, forget it. You will not make any... or in best cases you will hardly pay your time on it.

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