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Advanced Referral System


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Advanced Referral System

This mod was originally created by Arson. (However it does still come with full support from my MCCodeMods.com Staff)

This mod adds the ability to reward players for referring active new members.

Once the referred player reaches a certain level, you can reward the player who referred them an item/money/crystals.

You can do this at any 3 levels of your choice.

Screenshot 1

Price: $5

Click here to purchase this mod and download instantly.

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If his system works the way I think it does then two players split a home and when a divorce occurs both players can't live in the same home so it is sold and funds split between both players.

I don't have this mod so I can't be sure..

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Well for one, that marriage mod does work, tons of people have it working on their sites.

Tysoon threatened to DDOS my server and file chargebacks because I told him to file a support ticket and he refused to do so. (doesn't make sense, I agree)

He is not someone who should be trusted(on either end of a transaction) and is just trying to slander me, I know others have had problems with him as well.


You also just slander my name in all occurrences.

Its been a long time since TitanGamingMedia my friend, you know nothing of my mods or of my business.

And that marriage mod wasn't even made by me, support is handled by Danny696 as he created it.

Please bug off my sales thread guys.

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It took me some time to fix that bounty mod I bought at cronwerks.

File a support ticket.

The only thing wrong with the bounty mod is if you don't know how to change the attack.php links as instructed in step 4 of the installation.

There are no "bugs", you simply had trouble installing and filing a simple support ticket would have fixed that.

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