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Private Hire Night Club Venue PSD Template Needed. (Paid)


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I am after a website PSD template. all i need it the PSD... No coding e.t.c.

The website i am currently using is a full CMS system and only requires the image to be uploaded.

Requirements -

Purple color scheme..

Eye Catching...


I like the following template excluding the girl...


I like the background image on this template.


Please bear in mind we are NOT a public night club but a private hire venue only and the website must reflect this.

The current website and design can be seen at http://www.babylonlivelounge.co.uk

Please message me with quotes.

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PLEASE NOTE: I has been scaled down significantly because the website that provided the watermark did it. I hope you get the main idea of the template. So in actual fact, the template is much bigger (1366 x 768)px

For size purposes I will display what the text says...

The box on the left titled 'Babylon' says:

"Description of Babylon Live Lounge here, ore prehaps something else that you

have in mind - font size 15 (Bauhaus 93)"

The box on the right titled 'Next Party' says:

Page contents here prehaps. Ive added a nicely styles scrollbar arrow

images (If the content in larger than 360 in height). Although it could

be argued that this section is a little small, it keeps things to a minimum,

broadcasting the most important information, rather then having way too

much room to fill and having either too much blank space or unneccessary

wording which creates boredom - kind of what im doing here ;)

- font size 15 (Bauhaus 93)

This template was created by Tom Denley (skype: iamtomdenley) for 03laceys

- Babylon Live Lounge.

Background image found at:


and i believe it is free, effects added using Adobe Fireworks CS3/5

Thank you.

Tom Denley

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