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new game in this game have hide and seek and turfwar


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Shut up. You have gone to many games including mine to advertise your game. Lucky Mr Anthony owns that or else......

Your prototype so obvious.

Advertising is easy to spot.

If it was a player they would of used a referal link for their benefits.

they won't just randomly know how to go to other games and advertise.

If you can't run a game give up. Noone will play your game except you.

If there is 10 people online. It will be you your brother your dad and your mum your sister. and then the rest of the accounts will be you.

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Hmmm... Advertising my game without permission,


Searching IP


ID Name Actions

9 Assassin

Aka Nizwan

Was a staff member now removed your lucky i don't ip ban you if i wanted my game advertised i would of done it.

Cheers for the mail Bio.


And i have had the url for http://corrupted-city.org for over a year now so @ The Spirit

Edited by MrAnthony
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