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Want to learn how to make my own script - Need guidance through forums!


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Hello guys,

I am new to all this.All i know is c programming and learning c++ now(even though i guess its php/html the scripts here).

I want you to give me some simple steps to follow to get started(guess with mc codes).

Thank you.

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So you are saying that MC Code is not a good engine for a head start?I understand your thought about originality and thats what i pursue but im clueless and yes i want to make my own text based game script. Just need a kick start a place to be able to get the first steps into it.

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There is no doubt MCCodes isn't the most well written script out there, but as a learning experience it has it's potential.

You will learn some things from MCCodes, and even perhaps force yourself to learn 'best practices' whilst trying to overcome MCCodes shortcomings.

Not to mention there is a community of "A**holes" to help you out when you're in a bind.

As previously mentioned, if your trying to learn a language, MWG is probably not the best place you could be at, there is very little discussion on languages here (it's a game dev community, there should be a lot more discussions on languages).

However if you're working with MCCodes, I don't think there is a better community for you, than MWG.

Anyway to answer your original question, there is many resources available on the web take some time to read through tutorials.

Quick Google search (some resources here);

This a**hole will get back to doing what he was doing now. ;)

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Or maybe (more likely) I'm the A**hole ;)

C is a powerfull language, and knowning this gives you a good advantage, but also a disadvantage.

You will have programming knowledge, so you will pick up this language quicker,

But you have programming knowledge, so you may mix them up sometimes.

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The best part about Mc is how everyone comes together and some what helps one another. even tho most guys are A**holes they still help beginners improve to a certain extent.

Do ever think people come across that way because you expect it? The majority of active users have never been rude to me unless they misunderstood something I said...

Back on the original post it depends on your aim. Learning for the sake of learning or is there a goal? In any case I would suggest looking at Djkanna's links, and maybe some of the youtube tutorials (betterphp/phpacademy/thenewboston), but do not use only youtube.

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