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the only chatroom with a main focus on web game development that I am aware of, is #php-games @ irc.ipocalypse.net which is our chatroom, you can get there by clicking chat at the top of the page, or by entering the correct parameters within your IRC client. I'm quite sure you'll find other rooms on the major networks like Quakenet, Freenode, ...

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I sit in my own game's channel

Freenode #soulraider

I'll help people out, but not "how do you do this?". If you show an effort of trying, I'll help.

Also, its IRC. Not a web chat. Wait for an anwser. Sometimes it might take a few hours for me to get back to the computer and respond, but I will in time.

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I know the diff between web chat n irc. I want either or or both

I never said you didn't. I just dislike the fact that this is how 90% of my encounters with new IRC users is.


[7:19]<doktors13> hi any1 here???
[7:21]* doktors13 has quit (Client Quit)


I don't live at my computer. Give time for users to comment.

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