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Just Started MY Own Engine


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Got any idea of what you wana see in an engine? Post it here ill do my best to add it! I will keep this updated with progress

What it will include:


-Leveling System

-Weapons & Armor


-Much Much More

Progress Update:

Jan 15, 2012-

Login and Player stats including levels strength defense agility and speed added!

Jan 16, 2012-

Jobs added include stats that jobs use including IQ, Labor, and Endurance


~~~If you wana help i might need some so mail me or post here!

Should I make a mccodes type engine or should I make a business type game where you invest you cash and slowly build you way up and buy businesses? Any ideas?

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I do not have any specific requests except one actually. I would like to see a true engine being developed and not a pre-made game with some configuration options! I know of many people who started but never that far really. I'd be happy to give feedback on your project.

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Well for me a game engine is like a base ground / library where you can build many kind of games. Here it is more a game script / code which will end up being a single kind of game if I understand well.

An engine being a framework on which you can base your own game, and a script being a complete and rarely flexible solution.

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The bare minimum stats for a user should be money crystals/points health and energy. and level. that's an engine

A premade game is with brave....strength agility......

Because some kind games don't need brave and strength and etc.

Am I right?

no, that's still a pre-made game to me. An engine should have the functionality to somehow create the user-stats, item types, and whatever else you want without the need to touch any code, or at least minimal. Eventually mods could be added with just uploading the files, either the engine will take care of adding everything, or a developer would use hooks to get it right. An engine is a basis to build on, an engine shouldn't be even playable imho.

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