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id to username


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hello, I got this problem.

i've added in a little mod i made which shows the user id last win and last lost.

It displays the users ID but idealy i want it to show the players username instead,

how do i go about doing this,

Here is what i have to this might help put me in the right direction.

Last Win: ID <a href='viewuser.php?u={$r['lastwin']}'><font color='green'>{$r['lastwin']}</font><br /></a>

Last Lost: ID <a href='viewuser.php?u={$r['lastlost']}'><font color='red'>{$r['lastlost']}</font><br /></a>

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i've updated this abit


$win= "{$r['lastwin']}";

$lost= "{$r['lastlost']}";


Last Win: ID <a href='viewuser.php?u={$r['lastwin']}'><font color='green'><b>$win</b></font><br /></a>

Last Lost: ID <a href='viewuser.php?u={$r['lastlost']}'><font color='red'><b>$lost</b></font><br /></a>

so anyhelp on displaying username?

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idea, this workd but now doing this affects the links,

What shall i do about that.

When placing mouse over the username it shows up the correct userid in the viewuser link but when you click this error comes up

QUERY ERROR: Unknown column 'N' in 'where clause'

Query was SELECT `username` FROM `users` WHERE (`userid` = N/A);

how would i go about solving this new problem.

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