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READ before Posting for Help...


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We are here to help best we can with any problems that may arise in your scripts. But you need to help us by giving as much information as to the problem.

1 = What version of Mccodes your using.

2 = The file your having problems with..

3 = Any error messages that occur.

4 = which line the error is on.

5 = If the script youve made has been amended or added to prior to its release.

6 = What steps youve tried to solve this probem your self.

7 = Turn error scripting on and paste any error for us to see on your site if possible..

Sending Help support message like

it dont work:

I can't get this to work.

Without giving us a full description to its problem will just waste your time and ours by us having to ask these questions..

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Thank you for posting this, because it is confusing trying to read someones ftp through mind lol. =P

Don't play guessing games when you have a problem with your script, and don't be afraid to post your error and part of the script that is giving the error and remember if you get an error on line 30 don't post just line 30 for it could be on line 25 or line 40, at least post 10 lines above and 10 lines below from the error line stated.

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